7:31 a.m.

Got up an hour ago because Bing once again was being a stinker and playing with the blinds and making his normal kitty noise after being asleep for the most part of the night of play with friends who came over to visit. My friends wore him out.

Since I had awakened at 6:30 a.m. I have decided to get up for a while and then take a nap later in the morning … if a nap is needed.

Now I have a sleeping Bing Crosby cat sitting with me in the recliner while I am watching some recordings on my DVR I have yet to watch this weekend from last week’s recorded programs. I do love my cat and he is a good boy most of the time. I guess I have to take cat naps every now then.

Medication has been taken this morning when I had gotten up and came out of the bedroom for the morning.

More later…

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