Jealousy is Not a Good Thing!

I had really enjoyed the Christmas dinner we had at our building on Saturday. The food tasted real good and the conversation at our table was worth it, and I sat among my friends who are true to me and honest. Many of the tenants showed up and enjoyed one another’s company and the food. I was invited to the reserved table to sit among friends and I had a great time. The invitation was very nice and I took up on it. As it turned out, not long after the Christmas diner was over I had heard from one of my friends who sat at the reserved table that one of the tenant’s was upset and jealous of me because i was able to sit at the reserved table. When I found out what tenant was feeling this way I have kept my distance since and wish her not to ever set foot in my apartment or call me again. I have found myself talking to a person as if I an talking to a deaf person because this person has selective hearing. I was invited to the reserved table and if other people have a problem with that … it is not my problem. I have to live my life the way I see fit and comfortable … stress free along with it …. and stay away from negativity altogether.

Author: ksmiley

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