My Taxation Class

The best present I could have received from the facilitator/teacher was my 1st week grades … 100%. I worked hard! I really like the gentleman who is teaching the class and more importantly finding the class manageable and worth it.

Now, knowing what my grade for week 1 was yesterday really is not a present from the teacher, but a joy to receive before the holiday today — Christmas Eve. With my anxiousness playing a major role in my life everyday, I was wondering if and when the teacher was going to pass on the grades for week 1.

Even though I am on Christmas vacation from class from December 22 – January 5 and returning back to class on January 5 for our second week, I do have to admit that I am not going to be letting my brain take a break totally … this weekend, after my Christmas time with my friend and neighbors, I am going to be hitting the books and beginning my homework assignments for week 2 so I can have a little bit of a head start … at least that is my goal. I do take my education very seriously and that 100% for week 1 proves that I do not have time to sit back and shoot the breeze … like I have done so since Monday night after turning in my homework that was due on Monday.

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