Christmas Is Over and the New Year is Approaching

Oh my goodness … Christmas is over now and the New Year is approaching. I did have a nice Christmas holiday — laid back and relaxing and more importantly I was among other friends and neighbors for the holiday was not alone. Being alone on Christmas Eve was great as time was spent at home with no one around but myself and my cat, Bing Crosby — a fine cat he is. Today is a lazy day for me especially after my shower and getting ready for the day. Now I have to decide if I am going to laundry today or tomorrow — more geared towards tomorrow..;

Now the humdrum of the new year will be upon us for the next few days. Oh my goodness gracious!! Today we have a winter wonderland of snow outside because we are expecting more and the evergreen trees are beautiful with the snow on their piney branches. Drivers coming and going this day I hope are driving safely in Wisconsin. Now with the new year coming, I am sure i will be busy getting prepared for that somewhat. No need to celebrate the holiday really because staying up late these days are harder now but I manage but maybe this New Year’s Eve and day I might stay up late to see 2010 come rolling in. I do not have to go to class again until January 5, 2010 anyway.

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