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Yes, I am up early this morning … planning on staying up for the most part until after my shower gal comes and goes, then I will go back to bed for a while before my friend RB comes over this afternoon. It was 6:33 a.m. I had gotten up because I could not go back to sleep right away after running to the bathroom, lol. I am watching “Snapped” right now — a recorded DVR program that I recorded earlier this morning. Anyway, that is okay with me because I have a busy week this week and after tomorrow, with school/class resuming tomorrow/Tuesday, and my LSW comes at 8:30 a.m., I can relax the rest of the week. I will be able to concentrate on my class and other appointments and activities … which I do have an appointment in the afternoon tomorrow/Tuesday. I do not have a whole lot going this week except my friend RB coming over for the day and evening for supper, my shower gal coming at 9:45 a.m. for an hour, my LSW coming tomorrow, and class resuming 1/5/10, and to see my friend CB Friday for a while for supper.

As of right now, at this hour, still cannot beieve that it is now the year 2010. Seriously… I am still asking, four days later, “where did 2009 go?” It went by too fast for the most part. It was like after my trip to Arkansas for Thanksgiving week that the rest of the year, for one month and four days, went by so quickly … too quickly. I felt like Rip Van Winkle sleeping for so many years and waking up in the future that was misunderstood and confusing, lol. I know for a fact that the year 2009 has brought some questions that needed answers, and that the 2009 also brought some major disappointments in my world around me but I had learned that it is best to keep quiet. Yes, what happened, the major disappointment was to be disowned by my only brother and his family — a family with no explanation whatsoever or the fact that they thought immediately that I did what I did but at the same time I had learned that I was not the only disowned member of the family. Honesty…to this day I still cannot understand family sometimes and this one took the cake in the situation at hand … a situation I still can not explain without getting angry and hurt. Yes, my heart aches…and again I have no sympathy for my brother and his family at all anymore either … the angry part of me says that anyway.

This is my morning so far. I do wake up practically every morning to the thought of my brother and his family minus their eldest daughter who I do have contact with … because she is an adult now at the age of 19.

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