Why Do I Bother … Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire…

Literally, LS is lying … still stating that her hairdresser has been trying to get a hold of me and her phone number has NOT shown up on my caller ID or no messages have been left by her hairdresser! After last night, leaving a message on my answering machine, I ran into LS in the hallway this afternoon on my way out to an appointment, and she brought up the phone call from the hairdresser again … which I have yet not received EVER in the several days I have once called. Why do I even bother with people who lie … all I can do is pray for LS and her ways to change but she won’t change because to her there is nothing to change … not something I can do for her thankfully. I have NOT been answering the phone when LS calls me now-a-days anyway because hanging around her is something I should not be doing. She is a liar and I can not be around liars anymore … the feeling of wrongdoing comes into my mind all the time … LS being a major problem

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