A New Plan in the Works

I am very addicted to Facebook.com and that does not bother me, but I have decided, as of today, not to be on facebook after 10 p.m. CST so I can take time to wind down watching television, writing in my online diary here at Dear Diary, write in my private one year diary here at home, read a good book for pleasure, and catch up on emails that I have yet to filter through from the day morning to night, and bed time. I feel that if I am on facebook after 10 p.m., I will not get anything else done before bed. It does, by all means, not say that I won’t be online doing other surfing, though. I might be here after 10 p.m. most nights. I do need to get my sleep schedule back on track after being out of school for a month in October through December 15, 2009 anyway.

Author: ksmiley

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