My Day

It was a wonderful day today. I had my shower, got dressed for the day, got online a bit, and had looked into my Taxation class this afternoon. It was a beautiful day even though the weather was not so nice outdoors. For wintertime in WIsconsin the weather was reasonably warm but damp. I am looking forward to this weekend coming and going. I have a lot of studying to do or it seems to be like a lot but really not. I have been doing very well in class so far — an A — 100% so far. School has been going well for me in the Masters program at University of Phoenix, Arizona. Classes are tough but doable tough.

I am heading to bed shortly … I am tired but a different type of tired. I am a little bit wound up for some reason, lol, but that is nothing new. It is the weekend.

Good night and God bless!

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