My Thursday

It turned out that no homework has been done today but I was busy all day for the most part. I got up at 9 a.m. to the barking of Auggie, a neighbor’s dog,outside. What a fine alarm clock, lol. Got online to pay my bills for the month outside paying my rent yesterday. Then I took a friend out to eat at our nearby family restaurant, then came home to relax cuddling with Bing Crosby the cat in the recliner for a while. I feel tired now. I had a very good day and now with darkness in the sky, Bing and I are enjoying a peaceful evening at home watching television or catnapping. I want to take a nap right now but after yesterday’s experience of sleeping 3 hours and then staying up past midnight to 1 a.m., I have vowed today that, despite how tired I get when being a woman for a few days, lol, I decided not to take a nap today and go to bed at a normal time tonight and then get a good night’s sleep for tomorrow’s day … another busy day.

Author: ksmiley

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  1. You sound so troubled. I’m sorry. Most families have problems, but usually they get better with time. Let’s pray that God will help you deal with these things.

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