Plans Changed

Due to circumstances, the weather being the reason, plans have changed for the day. The IDS outing to dinner at Old Country Buffet and movie was canceled for the entire day because of the snowstorm/bad weather we had all day long for the most part of the day. I am staying home…in doors and warm with no plans or a plan B to go anywhere. It’s okay but I do have to admit that I am somewhat disappointed in not getting out as planned for the day. My day was disrupted to some point but have decided to be online all day long or whatever. I am taking a week off of classes and resuming classes at University of Phoenix on February 16, 2010. Anyway, with my plans changing for the day, I have plans that are not going to change, for tomorrow afternoon and evening. I am still feeling a little moody and unsure of what is going to happen next every moment now. I do not want to leave home too far lately!!! I am dealing with some real shifting moods all over again.

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