February 12, 2010

Today was a fairly lazy day … had my shower after 10 a.m. this morning, got dressed, went for a walk in the building since it is too cold out and chatted with tenants I ran into while I was out, and stayed home all day long. Today was a fair and quiet day for me all day long. My phone rang only 3 times. That was a relief. I even got a phone call I did not answer because I wish not to speak to this person over the phone anymore. Of all the times I have gotten a call from this person and I have not answered her call she still does not get it that I do not want anything to do with her as a friend anymore but I will be civil to her when in public areas in the building. My intentions of doing things with her again is not in the future now either. She is no longer in my friendship circle — she is two faced and … that os going to stay that way.

As quiet as my day has been I do have to admit that i am still a little bit emotional from the happenings of the week that one thing happened and then another thing happened that snowballed from top to bottom. I am feeling a little better now but now I have a headache — a small one. I hate them types of headaches. I have watched recorded television programs all day long and been online all day. I did not associate with too many people today — just the people by the mailbox and in the manager’s office. This week we are having someone come in to put cameras in the building to end the tenants listening at other tenants’ doors, stealing and breaking into locked rooms such as the community room, the laundry room, and so forth, and also tenants who stand near the manager’s office to listen at conversations between the manager and the tenants and so forth. So much crap goes on in here that is just totally childish and high schoolish. Honestly, this building i live in is not filled with elderly and handicapped adults for the most part but children who know how to whine and be such babies. Living in my own space and staying away from the drama, gossip, and rumors of a close knit place really is so much nicer.

RIght now, this weekend, after this afternoon, I am having minimal contact with other tenants in the building…a decision I am making to prepare myself for the next several days.

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