My Educational Endeavors

I am 3 classes away from being done now and I am on a break from classes until February 16th. On the 16th I will be taking a class titled “Not-For-Profit & Government Accounting” = Acc/548. I did survive the “Taxation” = Acc/547 class with a final grade of a C+ – 77%. It was a great class after getting through it and it was a difficult class for me so the grade I had received was worthwhile and very acceptable but I am going to work on getting A’s in my last three classes and end my educational endeavors with a big and happy bang. I have 3 classes left! This summer I will be getting my Masters degree/diploma and then I am completely done with school altogether. I am going to be 40 years old this summer and I vowed I will not be attending college so much later in life like my mother did to get her teaching degree and be 66 years of age this year and still be working when she could have done her college years after high school, before marrying my father, and having 3 children — my twin sister was still born — and then 13 years after marrying my father…end up getting a divorce, and then later marry my now stepfather. I vowed to myself that I was going to end my college days this summer once I get my Masters in accounting (MSA), get a job in the accounting field, and then … if it is in the cards for me as God is in control … have a life with a spouse. Right now I am not in a relationship and care not to because that will just interrupt my world right now. My educational endeavors, even though later in life, is almost over and i am making it!!!! YAY!

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