My Visit with Family

As family, on my mother’s side of the family was returning home from traveling to Branson, Missouri, family came through to Wisconsin from Illinois to have lunch with me. The visit was wonderful as we ate at Old Country Buffet, which my family calls it OCD. I always refer to OCD as Over Compulsive Disorder, though so their abbreviation of Old Country Buffet seems odd in my head but understandable. Anyway, it was a good time and the food was tasty and good. I had fruit. spinach salad with vinegar, and baked fish and carrots, and orange yogurt that reminded me of children’s St. Joseph’s asprin and dream sickle popsickles. It did taste good though. I was reminded, however, of the many times I had to take St. Joseph’s asprin as a child for fevers and flu symptoms, lol. After lunch, I was dropped at home and said good bye to my Aunt and Uncle before they left for their ride home to Omro, Wisconsin after a two week vacation to and in Branson, Missouri. I had a great time even though I wish it was longer.

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