My Day

Today has been a fairly good day all day long …

As a matter of fact, I am on line here a lot later than I had really intended tonight. I did get my studies done for the day and attended school for the day, took a nap, had company over for awhile, and watched television for the most part of the day. We had our first thunderstorm of the Spring season — really before Spring — but the weather has been very nice the past couple of days. It has rained all day long and the t-storm did not really begin until after 5 p.m. and ended about 7 p.m. or so. The sound of the rain was welcome and it sounded pretty cool on the pavement and hitting the rocks underneath my living room and bedroom windows. I had my window open all day long letting in the fresh air and letting the germs of my cold and laryngitis germs out. I am beginning to feel better from my cold finally. The laryngitis of my cold is finally beginning to dissipate and my voice is beginning to return — FINALLY! I love to talk… so having laryngitis seems devastating to me… 🙁

Today has been somewhat quiet for me but busy … busier than expected actually. Watching television is one of my hobbies during the day after homework and getting going for my day. I have watched Dr. Phil episodes, Law and Order Episodes, Law and Order: Criminal Episodes, Judge Judy Episodes, and Bones on live TV, and the news. I have also been online a lot today as well doing research for a homework assignment, did some reading of articles for school, and had company all early evening.

I had a good day.

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