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My day today was a little hazy because being up until 4:30 a.m. with company over, and then not getting to sleep until 5 a.m., my day seemed to be in a haze even though being awake and napping throughout the day was expected. I have not pulled an all nighter in a long time and doing that very often can put a toll on you if you are not careful and I have been up until past midnight lately but getting to sleep before 5 a.m. each night for the most part. Being wound up at times just causes havoc for the most part of my world and puts a damper on my study habits and that procrastination thing happens and it has been happening A LOT lately.

I did, at least, survive my day and am deciding on retiring early for bed tonight so I can do my homework and hand it in tomorrow night to have Monday off of school for once in a long time.

As I sit here and think, I realize now that I am burning out from school a little bit so when July 5th rolls around, I am done with school altogether other than the everyday learning of the world around me. Thank goodness for the fact that I have only 2 weeks left of my Not-For-Profit and Government Accounting class and 2 classes left after this one. School has been fun since 2005 but after I get my masters degree in accounting, I am going to hang up my educational endeavors, look for work, and start living life in a successful way like the rest of my family.

On for the rest of my evening and I am going to say good night from here now.

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