My Late Morning Thoughts

I am not a very happy camper right now. The reason for not being a very happy person right now is because I had gotten only 4 hours of sleep last night…a step up from no sleep at least…and then I get a phone call at 7 a.m. from MEE and I did not answer it. He calls my cell phone first and then my home phone; I did not answer either phone. He tried calling a while ago and then texts me asking me if I am mad at him. Well, to be honest with you, yes, I am mad at him right now and the reason for being upset with him is something I will not discuss here as it is a very personal reason. I did not even answer the door/buzzer system this morning when my buzzer buzzed; I finally realizing who was buzzing me and I gave myself a V8 on the forehead. I am. not happy with MEE for calling me at 7 a.m. either. I am going to let MEE figure things out for himself that I am done with our friendship relationship at this time until he realizes his actions and attitude about life needs to be changed. I can and will say this though…I am not jealous of him being in a loving relationship with a woman but the relationship he is in is not healthy and is dangerous. That is as far as I am going to go in my thoughts about MEE at this time.

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