Saturday, March 27, 2010

I overdid it yesterday as my body is a tad bit on the sore side today. Even my bowels are acting up a bit today and I am having hemorrhoid issues today…ouch! I have not issues with my hemorrhoids in a long time and now I am dealing with them again today…ouch! I hope tomorrow will be a better day for me! I hate having hemorrhoid problems!! Anyway…

I decided to sleep in and put my homework aside for the morning and early afternoon, and began my homework assignment after the supper hour, enjoying the day, afternoon, and early evening watching television and snuggling with my Bing Crosby kitty.

The Sleep In Moment – I felt like lazying around this morning and snuggling with my Bing Cosby kitty. Actually, for this particular day, I did not want to get up for my day at all or worry about my homework, but knew that by 10 a.m., I had better get up get started for my day, and that is when i have noticed that my body was a tad bit sore from the week of working about and out.

The Rest of My Day – The rest of my day was sitting at home watching television, surfing the web, and taking it easy. CKR did not come over today at all because I did not want company. In fact, I did not want her to come today so I told her to wait until tomorrow … finding myself staying up late to do some homework and decided to work on the rest of it tomorrow. I just did not feel like having any company and I did not even answer the phone to anyone except for family if they called, but no family called. The phone rang a few times and upon checking who was calling, I decided not to answer the phone. I was in one of my moods. I did call CKR back when I could, though.

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