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I am not in the mood right now really … it was a LONG day and I do have to also admit that it was NOT the greatest day. For two hours today I had no dial tone to my phone line so the internet was not working for me. A couple of hours later, when the repairman came to check it out, we had come to find out that the test jack in the coat closet — the closet by the door to my apartment was disconnected and the connection was replaced and BAM there was once again a dial tone to my phone and the internet had come to work once again. I was so frustrated and confused as to what was going on but I do have to admit that I have to thank my neighbor and friend CKR for telling the repairman about the test jack in the coat closet or otherwise I believe the repairman and I would be at a loss for good. I was also upset with myself because during the time from finding out that I had no phone service for those two hours, I had bad anxiety that would not leave me alone or calm down on my breathing methods. The reason I have gotten upset with myself is because the problem with the dial tone being temporarily disconnected due to a small issue and there was absolutely no reason to be in a state of anxiety.

Because of what happened today, I had my friend CKR come by for the day and spend the day with me and take my keys with her when she left the apartment for a while. I did not feel comfortable being alone entirely in order to calm down. She stayed for quite awhile.

Last night we had a storm.

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  1. Hi there….Yes, I do have a white cat. Her name is Lucy. It looks like yours has shorter hair than mine. Does yours have anything wrong with it? Mine has a blocked tearduct in one eye. I’ve heard that white cats usually have something wrong with them, have you?

    Too bad about your internet. That is so annoying when you’ve waited all that time and then find out, it is something silly like that. Oh well, at least you got it fixed!

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