Where Did My Week Go?

I have asked myself:

Where Did My Week Go?
Well I can say this…

Mon – Relaxed and got ready for my class that began on Tuesday.
Tues – Began Forensic Accounting class, cleaning, and an appointment in the afternoon.
Wed – Class, appointment in the afternoon, and relaxation.
Thurs – Class, relaxation and recovering from my Wednesday afternoon appointment.
Fri – Class, relaxation, and taking it easy.

My week was pretty much low key but honestly busy and the week went by very fast.

Schoolwork, studies, and relaxation. I am not sure, at this time, if I am going to have company. I ended up having company this afternoon and early evening for supper. I enjoy having my friend CKR over every chance I can get. I do not like being alone and with CKR around, I do not have time being alone … but it will be nice to have time alone for the rest of the weekend to get homework done.

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