June 5, 2010

Raining Now…

Not exactly the type of day I expected really, lol. It is now 2:33 p.m. and it is pouring rain rather hard and fast right now. I am waiting for it to thunder as it is yet not doing that. Is it going to rain today only? I have no idea at the moment. It is still very early in the day and afternoon yet.

My day

I do have to admit that my day is not totally what I have expected, lol. I did not sleep well last night at all. In fact I was bouncing back and forth from bed to recliner back to bed and back to recliner last night. With it being a little after 2:30 p.m., I do have to admit that my world is a tad bit tired and sleepy so I have been dozing off and on in my recliner the past few hours. I will be okay…just not in the mood to really be bothered by the phone ringing today … which it has been from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. or so. I really DO NOT be bothered by the phone today. I am not even in the mood to be texting anyone today, either, which is unusual and not me. My friend JS is taking the entire weekend off from texting as well. No texts have come in yet today either…YAY!

Computer or No Computer

I do not want to be on my computer much today…unusual but nice once in a while. I have been on Facebook throughout the late morning and afternoon but have no interest in it too much today. Unusual for me but do-able and a nice little break. I am not in the mood to be on line much today for the reason that I am tired and I want to go to bed but won’t because otherwise I will have difficulty sleeping tonight and be alert for church in the morning, and I WANT to go to church tomorrow badly enough. So I have the interest of computer today as well as no interest so computer or no computer really suits me well this very day.

More Rain Thoughts

Rain or no rain, it is nice to see the rain come down today. Yes, it is yucky and cloudy outdoors this very minute but we really do need the rain and the wetness to take care of the dryness we have been having due to very warm and hot weather. The ground needs the wetness in order to thrive and become green where grass is growing. We have some brown patches of parched grass in our TM yard. I do wonder what the three squirrels are up to in this wet and rainy weather right now. Are they okay? I know God will take care of those three precious squirrels today and always.

Family and Friends

Family and friends are on my mind right now.

Going To Miss Rue McClanahan (sp?) Now

Rue McClanahan, another “golden girl” is gone now…died on June 3, 2010. That makes Betty White the last one now, and Bea Arthur, Estelle Getty, and Rue McClanahan are now gone leaving Betty White the last of the group behind for the time being. All the “golden girls”, now gone, are missed terribly and so watching the Golden Girls comedy show is only one way to keep their memories alive even though I do find it difficult to see three TV icons and actresses on TV now that they are gone. Rue McClanahan is going to be missed today and always and my heart and mind goes out to the families of their lost loved ones…all but Betty White left. With Betty White being the last “golden girl” alive, I do wonder how long it will be before Betty leaves us and allowing the golden girls to be together again. I am going to miss Rue McClanahan very much. The show, being in syndication today, is yet very popular today, and watched in this household of mine.

More later…

With the weather yet under scrutiny at this point of my day, I will come back later … if not tomorrow for sure. I am tired and want to take a nap. Right now I am sitting in the darkness of the cloudiness of the day with my curtains closed in the living room and the lights shut off but one light being the light above the kitchen sink, and I am watching a show called Moonlight (recorded programming on my DVR box system) this early/going late afternoon. More later

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