June 23, 2010


Strangely enough I did not turn on TV until 3 p.m. or so. I decided to
get online today for a while using my Acer/Windows OS laptop. Oh my goodness…it is a slow computer, lol. I am definitely a Mac user. I am SO glad that I am almost done with school … 4 more weeks away … 3 weeks away as of Tuesday. YAY! I am burned out and I am ready for school to finally be over. Unbelievable? Believe it! I have had enough education. I finally want more than a educational background now. I want a job NOW! Anyway, I studied today … did my CPA exam review questions and handed them in. So now, I have the weekend to relax for the most part. I took my time to do the review and some discussion posts today. Between 4 and 6 p.m. I had dozed off during my watching a recorded program. I feel so drained. I am so glad that tomorrow is Thursday. I can sleep in before I take my late morning and early afternoon into posting to discussions and doing my part in teamwork … an assignment I want to get done by Friday evening. I feel so tired and wanting some sleep and I believe that I am finally catching up on sleep that I lost a week or so ago.

I do not feel much like writing much today because I am tired but I will be okay by Friday at the latest. I want to relax and go to bed early…if that is even possible, lol. Of course it is possible. I am the “ruler” of my life as long as I acknowledge that God is in control if I allow him to be in control. I do have my period ending here so I am definitely weakening a bit physically right now. Life is no life without God in our lives! It has been a quiet day for me after 12 noon when I got done running about the building talking to management and a couple of other tenants nearby, lol. Bing has been napping, cuddling, talking, and being Bing all day long. In the past week Bing has found my power chair a comfortable place to take a nap, lately (a daily comfort that is) lol

I will be back tomorrow … weather permitting of course. ☺

Did I Write Enough

LOL. For someone who has the feeling of not writing much today has written a lot!


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