June 27, 2010 – 1

A Diarist Hit It Right On The Nose

I can not explain it without getting overly excited, but I had just read an entry by a diarist I chose to read, and the thoughts this diarist wrote about hit close to home. It is so important to have communication and understanding. With those two things not going on, it does not work too well otherwise. What was written by this diarist gave me the understanding that I too deal with people who do not understand me or care to — a very sad thought indeed. I hate being one person who is looking out and instead of in … an outsider I have always felt. I am not a horrible person. I do not need to hear about what I did in the past. I am no longer the person some people saw me as back in my growing up years. It just makes me wonder if people really do care or they are putting up a front. hmmm?

Author: ksmiley

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