Done With Class Today / No More School

I am done with school as of today…my last class with be done for me shortly. After today, I will just have to wait patiently for my final grade to post and then fill out information at the school to get my Masters degree diploma. I am, even though this last class was compelling and fun, I am finding myself burning out from school. I will go back to school one day but any time soon to get my CPA exam taken and done, but that is going to happen a couple of years or so from now at this point in time. I did enjoy the studies, homework, the challenges of online classes and online college but now after five years of college, I am now a successful student and have done well in college. I do not know if I am burned out from going to school because of the fact that I have turned 40 on the 3rd of July or not, but I do have to admit that I am burned out from attending school for some reason or another. The reason is not founded just yet. Oh well. Anyway, today has been a good day otherwise. It was not a long day after all, either. Gotta run for now.

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