Red Flags Going Up & Some People Just Don’t Care!

Red Flags Going Up

At this time red flags are rising up high to warn and show me that I need to be careful in an area of my life … to tread carefully with a friendship I am gunhoe about. I have pet peeves and those pet peeves are very personal so I will not be sharing them with anyone but with God. This friendship is questionable and something, thanks to these red flags that rise high, has to be done about it but I will pray about it and make sure that this is just a fluke and a part of my anxiousness so I shall see. I may have to dissolve a friendship once again. 🙁

Some People Just Don’t Care!

Yep, that is a true thought and title for this entry…

Where I live some tenants just do not care to abide the rules that have been set forth because of founded problems that needed to be resolved. We now have cameras throughout the building recording any action a tenant does in the hallway, lobby, community room, and out back in the parking lot. I know of a tenant, who will remain nameless, who does not care about the cameras and wish they were not here, but this tenant who I am speaking of has defaced property a few times when the cameras were yet not installed to record any activity. yes, some people just do not care and one of those people happens to be the one who will remain nameless today.

I am happy now where I live now that I do not live on the 3rd floor since October 2009. I just keep to myself for the most part even though I can enjoy the community room with other tenants but will not because of what is somertimes discussed by tenants … gossip is not my thing … it is wrong anyway. Some tenants just do not care around here. Why be a part of such a clique?! I won’t. I have better things to do. I have had to talk to manager about a tenant a cpuple of times because of this tenant not following the rules for one of the complaints and for being excessively nosy about why the ambulance was here for me on the morning of the 4th of July and come to find out that other tenants learned of my experience because of this tenant’s big mouth. I do not feel any sympathy for anyone in here anymore when it comes to having to get to the point of nipping the bud and taking care of the problem somehow. Tenants say what they say to your face but then continue with the breaking of the rules!!! Jiminy Crickets!!!!

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