I really am finding myself in a little state right now … the rain and the cloudiness has gotten to me quite a bit today … and for the past few days. I remember having real good flexible muscles and joints on Monday but the rest of the week has proven to be a lot more challenging and today is one of those days to have noticing it. It is just mind boggling for some reason today. It bothers me to the point of an achy distraction right now and it does hurt. This summer has been REAL hot and it has been one of the hottest summers to contend with for me. Having arthritis at the age of 40 really stinks and I hate it with a passion right now. Everything seems to slow down on me …. my physicalness is being challenged today BIG time and that stinks too! Even on Tuesday, going to an appointment, I had to take my power chair with me and ride it instead of walking because walking just was staggering and tipsy since the moment I had awakened so I was very unsteady Tuesday … even Wednesday! AAARRRGGG!

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