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The News That Made Me Mad…Very Mad

While my friends were set out to leave, I had gotten a call from my neighbor Joyce Tullis so I told her to give me a call back in ten to fifteen minutes. After my friends did leave, she did call me back and told me that she was planning on moving to Texas to be with Dean who supposedly moved to Texas a few months ago … which I do find a little unbelievable and Dean is such a liar and one man women and children need to stay away from. The idea of her going to be with a registered sex offender — a registered sex offender who has not told the right people he has moved or fled which I believe is what he fled. I just really wonder if Joyce is going to move or is it another one of her plans that will soon backfire and she will be here in September because she was planning on moving months ago but that did not happen so the management and I will have to sit back and see what will transpire as the days continue to grow towards September.

The news Joyce gave me only upset me because of the fact that she is even associating with Dean. I just have this feeling that something is going to happen.
In a way I do not wish to see Tuesday come so quickly but it will be here in a few hours now.

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