Silliness, But Worth It!

Silliness, But Worth It

At the last minute, at 1:30 p.m., I had gotten a text message from a friend of mine who asked if I wanted this friend to come over with another friend. Well, they are here for a short while now as lunch and supper is out of the way now, and they will be leaving around the time before it gets real dark. For the time being I am listening to my friend’s JRW’s cell phone music and ringtones…such a riot, I tell you, lol. JRW’s ringtones and songs on her phone are not always my favorites but I can understand why she loves those songs, ringtones and music tidbits. I won’t argue about that. I am more contemporary Christian, Pop, Light Rock, and Easy Listening, and definitely the Oldies such as Bing Crosby … (Not because I have a cat named Bing Crosby, lol) … Rosemary Clooney, and Petula Clark. I just love the Oldies, thanks to my stepfather, LLL. But anyway, the girls, JRW and RB are leaving shortly before it gets dark, I have been enjoying the silliness.

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