Pissed Off At Someone AGAIN!

The title says it all … yep, I am pissed at someone AGAIN!! This time it for sure thing that I am done with this one person, and I will not back down and re-neg here…no more does JT exists in my world anymore. What she does in her life has NEVER been something I should be concerned about … anyway, I am done with JT this time. I am VERY serious this time. I WON’T back down AND be friends with her ever again. I am seriously DONE with JT’s games this time around. I am done bouncing back and forth with JT but anytime I see her in public places in the building, I will be civil to JT and live my life free of stress and complaints from her from now one! No more JT. Why bother with her any long when she plays games in her own own any ways!

Author: ksmiley

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