Definitely Sick!

I do have flu-like symptoms. I got up at 7 a.m. and puked into the wastebasket in my bedroom and while doing so, I tasted the chilli I had for lunch before KH came over for the night. I did check my temperature this morning I had a low grade temperature of 99.5. I felt awful this morning. Now, seriously, I am having yucky poops and messing underwear big time. Called my caseworker MM this afternoon and she is going to help me with getting some Depends and Immodium for my real loose bowels. The fever is playing games with me but it is staying normal for the most part … nights being when the temperature tries to rise again. I still feel kind of yucky but not as bad as I did this morning. After my puke session this morning between 7 a.m. – 9:30 a.m., the sessions did finally end but the loose bowels began after lunch. I know…ewww! I hope I am feeling better soon … I had to cancel my plans with my living skills worker LB this morning and might have to do so tomorrow as well. I definitely have the flu AGAIN! Ewwww! I will be okay.

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