Can’t Wait!!

I cannot wait for a certain tenant to take her leave and get away from here. Her being here has been worn out as many of the tenants including myself have found her to be someone of a nature that just is gross and sick. We won’t be hearing anymore lies and trumped up stories, and I will have her so far from my mind that I can now begin to forget her and think of her as non-existent. She has been a royal bitch who has been deemed the slutty type — bringing her slutty ways into the building when she first moved in. Can’t wait for her to move out. Out of sight, out of mind. I am going to forget her. She can take life to another apartment building and other people can deal with her. She can have her registered sex offender boyfriend all she wants now. YAY! She is going to be gone out of here. This apartment complex will no longer be deemed a whorehouse and she will not be bringing in strange men here anymore so this place can once again have some normalcy once again. YAY!

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