Ahhh, today was a VERY good day. A pajama day all day long and nothing planned. I am the “spur of the moment” kind of gal today and invited my friend CKR over for the afternoon and evening — CKR not leaving until after 11 p.m.. Nothing major planned today really and what I wanted to do yesterday is being done today and tomorrow. I do not intend to go anywhere anymore this week until Sunday. I got some journaling done for the day, some reading, and watched some live TV as well as some recorded programs on my DVR cable box. It was a fine Thursday all day but I kept falling asleep with CKR here she stayed from 3 to 5 tonight leaving me to my own devices.

I found out today that I have two pet flies in the apartment now. Not so great because now I have pesky flies in my apartment and the only time they are not bothering me is when I am asleep at night. Bedtime shortly here.


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