Today II

My day is ending shortly … a few minutes from now to 12 midnight, I will be heading to bed and going to sleep — a nap that is very welcome. My day was wonderful ALL day long … and tomorrow will bring on another WONDERFUL day all day — busy as usual for a Wednesday.

LB did not make it today … DLS will be Thursday this week instead of today. I wish she did come today to get my cleaning done for the week sooner but her plans were … changed without too much complaints.

Today was a wonderful … a pain-free day once again ALL day and looking forward to tomorrow. My friend JSL and her husband DL will be bringing their cat C tomorrow for a few days while they go dog sit for her parents while they are out of town for the rest of the week and the weekend. So I am going to have a houseful of pets this weekend.

Smoke Detector Issues Today

I had awakened to the chirping of a smoke detector this morning … my alarm clock this morning, lol. I got up at the sound of the smoke detector needed a new battery. Got dressed and went to the office to fill out a work order to get the smoke detector taken care of before the chirping drove me to the point of anxiousness. It was before 8 a.m. I had written out the work order and I had called LG who is the manager back up to let her know that the smoke detector was chirping like a birdie every couple of minutes. Between 8:30 – 9 a.m., LG and the gal who now does the cleaning inside the building for JSL’s dad and onsite management came over to take care of the chirping battery until the manager could come over … to put a new battery in the smoke detector. It was just one of those days for my smoke detector to act up. It is now fixed and battery was replaced, and no more chirping. It only, the chirping, lasted for a half an hour. YAY! LOL

Bing’s Experience in the Hall

I feel bad about not knowing that Bing got out into the hallway the second time this morning after the manager left taking care of my smoke detector

Yes, Bing got out of the apartment without my knowledge this morning when I must</i have opened the door and left the apartment for a moment. Anyway… the manager knocked at my door for the second time this morning and she came in with a white cat looking exactly like Bing, lol, and I looked at the manager KR in such a way that was a priceless look … and we both chuckled. I was shocked that he even got out when I had opened the door to come back into my apartment after being in the hallway chatting with KR and LG when KR came to fix my smoke detector. In fact, my heart just … felt sore in knowing that if Bing got outside with either the front or back door being opened, my world would have been crushed big time. Anyway … Bing is safe inside now and we have snuggled, cuddled, and talked to one another — yes, Bing talks up a storm from time to time — and I got all the love in the world from him ALL day long. I am so glad Bing is okay. I do believe that he got scared and worried there for awhile. Glad Bing is going to be okay. YAY!


I am planning on getting my Wednesday morning shower, go shopping with KH, and out to lunch at IHOP but at the moment I am surely blank on the restaurant we are actually going to be eating at, lol. I do believe it is IHOP, lol. I am also going to be making a new “Do Not Disturb” sign for my apartment door.

Good Might

It is after 12 midnight now so I am going to say good night now. I can barely keep my eyes open … have a busy day tomorrow and for the rest of the week.

Good night!!

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