More Of My Day Today

The Rest of My Day Today

I did have a very, very good day ALL day long. Watched TV, read a bit of “Dating Game”, wrote in my journal here, and … was lazy ALL day long. That is what happens when the recession has affected people as far as looking for work. I am somewhat getting bored dinking around in my world but I am unable to find work at this point. Anyway, not being able to find work because of the recession, and the hiring is not really happening, not finding a job is not a major problem for just me. I am bored just those other countless people. I am doing my best and enjoying life to my best anyway. Boredom is not really that horrible at this point. I am making the best of life. My day was not too bad despite my feelings of boredom. I can read all day long as well as being online all day long … weather permitting as far as the weather is concerned anyway. Boredom is not that high. I still do not want to go back to school or… nor do I really miss the studies. I have a CPA Exam Review 2010 study book here at home so I do have something to do. I have been physically and emotionally well the past two weeks and a day now … September 8, 2010 to be exact. Anyway, the book I am now reading — now remembering I have read it years ago when I was younger and working — enjoying my book very much. I am not a big fan of Danielle Steel but I have read two awesome books of hers, and have enjoyed them – reading both books before “Dating Game” once before as well sometime in the past. Reading has been a great pleasure for me lately now my educational studies are over with and have been ever since July 19, 2010. I was thinking, at least thinking, LOL, on doing some free Christian studies to keep myself spiritually sound. I still believe that God is healing from the inside out these days because I have deleted a lot of things in my life that have caused such emotional and physical upset for the past five years – belief anyway and opinion strongly the truth. God is my life. I have been getting myself back to church every weekend. Need I say more?

It is very late but I cannot sleep right now because I am dealing the beginnings of cold virus. I feel yucky and okay at the same time. Stupid cold but it is NOT going to knock me down and stop me from seeing friends and other church members at church this weekend! Satan is NOT going to win this one…NO WAY HOSAY! That is a part of life anyway.

Time to get going for the night now. I will be back tomorrow – September 24, 2010, sometime.

Tomorrow’s Plans ???

KH comes around 9:30 – 10 a.m. to help me with my shower, then she will be heading to other clients before coming back here to help me run an errand quickly in the afternoon. After that … unless plans change … I have the rest of the day to myself even with KH gone after my shower before she comes back over in the afternoon…my day is ALL mine and Bing Crosby’s ALL day. I do have plans on going to church on Saturday so I will be seeing friends and other church members for fellowship. My friend, who I call Papa Mick and his wife Mama Char, will be picking me up for church Saturday morning. Papa Mick is the speaker (sermon giver) this Saturday, September 25, 2010. I am looking forward to going. YAY!

More later… It is very late, LOL

Good night even though I am NOT sleeping yet. Good night Dear Diary!

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