CKR is a Piece of Work After ALL!

I am done with CKR for good now. I have come to the conclusion that she is not the friend she professed to be for the 2nd time. Her moving into the building was a bad idea and she should not have come back here. Having someone do her dirty work was not the greatest idea on her part … afraid to come to me herself when she does not even KNOW me anymore. She never knew me. What hurts worse is the fact that she lies to me on top of our relationship/friendship from the beginning to the end – yesterday – she is out of my life. I do not have people like her in my life anymore for personal reasons. I am going to have to walk away from her entirely too and let her live her life without me. I am very hurt by what she has done. CKR does not exist anymore.

Author: ksmiley

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