CB tried calling twice earlier this afternoon … oops. Slept through the ringing of both phones, but we did connect and she did come by for a while, and we visited. It was not a day wasted in sleep the entire day for me. I was so happy to have seen CB. Anyway, she wanted to show me an assignment she finished last night and a couple of other things she had to do for a class assignment earlier in her class, and it was a wonderful little visit. Two hours seem to fly by very quickly when us girls have fun and are together, but a lot of conversation does get done in those two hours. I enjoy going out to eat with her as well but neither one of us has any money to go out right now, lol. I have had some extra bills to pay this month…and Thanksgiving and Christmas seem to be just around the corner. I do not do Halloween and haven’t for the past 13 years now. I had a GREAT time visiting with CB tonight. Now the rest of the weekend is ALL mine and Bing’s. Not bored this weekend.

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