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I love watching Dr. Phil. He is resourceful, caring, tells like it is kind of guy. He is my daily program now … and I appreciate his no nonsense attitude!

Anyway, today’s show…about controlling just blew my mind big time. A husband controlling his wife and a wife controlling her husband. Dang! I rolled my eyes several times watching the show and I am grateful I am not married … I love my life the way it is … I have my things my way for a reason and a “man” will not come into my home and change what I have already done in my own life. Marriage is not on my mind right now anyway. God has NOT sent the right man in my life yet and maybe I am to be single all of my life but I won’t deny a man in my life if the right one comes along — marriage is not on my mind right now. I LOVE MY SINGLENESS! Anyway, I thought it was kind of funny at the end … where the wife of the controlling husband, the husband of the controlling wife were dictating orders through a bullhorn telling them how to put together a bookshelf and without working together as two couples, the bookshelf never got put together — confusion was what occurred. I laughed about it. Dr. Phil said that if the bookshelf was put together by the end of the show, he would give the couples $1000, and I thought that he would give them $1000 anyway and he DID!

I love the show. Dr. Phil is awesome. I understand and know that not everyone will like Dr. Phil and that is okay. Dr. Phil does come across strong at times and sometimes he does make me cringe and feel upset at him but it is only a short time … at least. Dr. Phil is AWESOME!

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