Okay… This is Ridiculous! I Know Now I Am Dehydrated Again!

I am done playing games with my health. I know now that I am dehydrated AGAIN and I have to get myself taken care of myself again. With the memory how things went last time, during the 4th of July weekend, I was not going to mess with my local ER but head of up to Madison in the morning if I got a ride up to Madison somehow. I have been unable to hold down water, food, unable to go to the bathroom either way, and I had found myself unable to sleep two nights now by this morning — like day and night did not even exist at all in my world. My emotions were a little off but I knew deep down in my anxiousness that I am not losing my kidney after 22 years. I am just a little anxious not knowing how ill I am with my dehydration this time but I sure do feel crappy!! I am going to Madison tomorrow with no hesitation.

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