Some Days I Wish I Was Young Again… Why?

I do not believe in Halloween anymore like I once I did — when I was younger/ I once enjoyed dressing up as Wonder Woman, Scooby Doo, a ghost, cowboy, a police officer, and an army gal. Wonder Woman and Scooby Doo were my favorite characters at the time I was young. My father was a police officer for our city.. I remember dressing up, once last time, when I was 17 years old, to go trick or treating with a very dear friend of mine who was taking her nephew who was at about 2 years of age about that time, and BLM and I went out knocking on doors saying trick or treat hoping that no one would recognize me and know exactly how old I really was – I like 13 years old at that age, seriously…

Anyway, today, I know longer believe in Halloween, even though I enjoy seeing young ones dressed up in their favorite costumes, but today such costumes are horrific! Too many young kids dress in costumes that are just not my thing anymore even though I do wonder what some kids have chosen for this year. When the “Scream” series came out, I remember, was such a big deal and people were dressing up as the horror character! No one dresses as their favorite cartoon character, Very young kids do, though, thank goodness! I remember last year, a receptionist of one of my doctors dressed up as Gene Simmons stage look of Kiss. I thought she personally looked FANTASTIC, and I do like Gene Simmons and his TV reality series show, Gene Simmons’ “Jewels” For a singer of the group “Kiss”. I do not mind people dressing up as such,but of horrific characters is beyond me!!

I did enjoy Halloween at one time but not as much anymore.

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