Cuddles Is Here

Cuddles is here and has been here before noon — around 10:30 or so JSL got here with Cuddles. Cuddles is spending the night here while JSL and her husband watch JSL’s parents’ pups Muffy and Buddy. So now that Cuddles is here, I am not worried anymore. Apparently JSL had a flat tire and it needed to be fixed before she could even drive the car and I am glad that she is not hurt like I first thought, but JSL’s text helped relieve the worry I had because I know that JSL is always on time or she will call or text — like she did this morning. While Cuddles is here. I am just in one of my moods to be on the computer ALL day long as Bing is right behind me on top of the recliner back – away from Cuddles as Bing scared Cuddles earlier and then Cuddles scared Bing not to long afterwards. I just think this time the kitty kids are going to stay away from one another and not cause any problems. Right now, about 5 hours later, they are in separate rooms and staying away from one another — a good idea — I am disappointed, though. Cuddles is going to be here ALL night and that is still okay, though.

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