Girls Night Out

Last Night

I am still kind of tired from last night because I was up twenty hours before finally going to bed and it was a rough night for me as sleep was hard to find. My little roommate is my brother pup Shadow who sleeps in the corner in a kennel at night with a sound spa/maker nearby to keep him soothed and comfortable at night. Both Shadow and I had a rough night because he is not used to the idea of having a roommate and since my bed is in his bedroom, we scared each other in the night a few times. Sleep was difficult to find but I do have to admit that I am looking forward to today. My mom, a friend of hers she works out with, and I are having a girl’s night out tonight.

Girls’ Night Out

My mom, her friend, and I went out to eat at Rojas (real Mexican) to eat and then to a play titled Proposals that was written by the playwright Neil Simon. It was an awesome play! Two of my mom’s friends were in the play, and their acting and time were well spent – $10 per person – and it was $30 for all of us (the three of us – my mom, her friend, and me) The play began at 7:30 or so, so we took our time eating at Rojas. I do not remember what my mom had for supper, but I had spicy pork with red sauce, refried beans, and rice. I had two soft taco shells that i put my meat, beans, guacamole, and sour cream. I ate most of my meal but I could not eat all of the meat. I love spicy, hot Mexican food.

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