Feeling I Am Barely Home Yet

I have been home only a day and a half now and it feels like I have been barely home yet. I have come home to a couple of tenants saying glad to see you and for those who did not know I was gone had asked me where did I go. I am glad to be home and with Bing Crosby the cat again but coming back to noises from neighbors is not really what I wanted to come back home to. The neighbor upstairs from me has been a little bit more noisy than usual lately and I have come to the conclusion it is because of a tenant who moved back in the building a few weeks ago.

KM is back as a tenant (YAY!) and a few tenants are not too thrilled with the idea but who gives a hoot what they like and do not like (some of the tenants are mean anyway) and I like/love the idea of KM being back. She is cleaning the building again (YAY!).

Author: ksmiley

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