Was Ill Yesterday … Feeling Better Now

I was not feeling very good yesterday. I had temperatures ranging from 99.5 – 101.5 after 3 p.m. Made me feel yucky, chilled and warm at the same time, and I just was not very comfortable. I did not have the flu or the diarrhea so that was a plus. I called my kidney transplant coordinator CP today and we both have come to the conclusion that I had gotten a bug from my travels to and from New Mexico when I traveled about in the airports I had used to get from place to place or even caught a cold and the fever was one way of escaping my body. Even, since I have been home from New Mexico (a ten day trip), I have not been sleeping in my bed but in the futon/couch in the living room. Yes, sleep has been a tad bit hard to find since I have been home and neither serotonin or my prescribed sleeping medication was not working for me. Hormones are raging a little bit so I know I am expecting my monthly of the month to arrive yet. I know, yuck, but I am a woman … sorry male readers.


My fever has broken a little bit before the 24 hour marker. YAY! I do have to admit that the past 22 hours were not the fun hours of the day. I am feeling better and planning the weekend to rest and take it easy so my fever does not return.

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