My Last Entry of the Night

With Bing’s adoption anniversary today, shopping, and having the day/afternoon for both of us, I do have to admit that today was a very good day for both of us. Now it is time for me to say good night and God bless and come back tomorrow … if I can. I am actually going to get ready for bed now and take it easy for the rest of the night. Getting some fresh air…for wintry weather it is now…was a very good thing for me. I hate being cooped up in my apartment 24/7 these days but these next several weeks of wintry weather is going to make it more difficult getting out unless I have to go out. I will be getting door to door service most of the winter months. I have not fallen into depression yet and I hope I don’t ever this winter because depression really stinks in my world. I sleep too much but so far so good at this point in time. I hate depression. Anyway, for the rest of this weekend, I plan to not go anywhere but stay home, watch TV, read, write, and whatever comes to mind. Bing and I are going to have a snuggle time tomorrow morning before the weekend ends by bedtime tomorrow night. I did not plan on going to church this weekend due to weather and getting out for awhile today. Now, being tired, I am just rambling….lol.

Good night everyone! God bless!

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