Change In the Works

I started this as of December 22, 2010 actually, but I am making a change in my journaling from now on. Instead of a gazillion entries, lol, in one day with several different titles, I would write in my journal using a word processor – I am using Works for my Dear Diary entries at this time even though I did begin using Word at first … Why am I telling you this?!…lol I do not know exactly why, just yet, I have decided to do this, and I may not ever figure it out, lol. I guess and duly know that we all know we are all have a madness hidden inside us and we have our own methods … you know – a method in our madness so-to-speak. Scary, huh? Please do not mind me … getting tired … slept well but it is late in my mind now and tomorrow begins a new week for me and now with Christmas celebrated in my home done now, I heading back to my regular weekly schedule plans starting tomorrow and I know, with the holiday done – til next weekend in other words – it is going to be one heck of a week for me even though I am NOT going anywhere anymore this 2010 year. As of January 1. 2011, a new year will be here and new adventures and appointments will take place each month … I liking it or not as we know it in my heart of my own strange world, lol. I know my world is NOT strange.

This journal entry was NOT written in my word processor — it was all written here.

Will be back tomorrow sometime after my scheduled shower. Now I am definitely going to say good night and God bless.

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