The Day After My Christmas Holiday Celebration Sort of Day

My Morning Thoughts

With Christmas now passed, in my home anyway, I do have to admit that the holiday has been a very good one for the most part excluding the hurtful words I had endured yesterday afternoon during the dinner hour in my home. I am glad that Christmas is now over in my home and today has appeared, with 8 hours with no melatonin needed after all … for the first time in a while – a long while. Now I can, seriously, concentrate on the upcoming year that will be here in 6 days from today. I am not in a rush to celebrate the new year coming in either as, to me, another day I will be alone once again … another weekend of no major plans for the new year. I have no invitations at this time either and I am okay with it even though loneliness is something I have been craving for the past couple of days for the most part. At this time, for what I call a Super Sunday, I have no major plans today.


I am going to eat lunch within two hours…possibly the rest of my pizza I had ordered on Friday evening of sausage, mushroom, cheese, and spinach…the thought of it at the moment is making me sort of hungry. I am doing my very best to eat three meals a day and eating at certain times of the day without eating or snacking in-between meals until a certain time of the day between lunch and supper … so far I am doing okay at this point in time. More later…


I am going to play some games on FB, read some more of Harry Potter: The Chamber of Secrets (in sixth chapter), watch Live TV and recorded DVR, relax and snuggle/cuddle with the “Little Man” of my life – a lover of cats I am, lol. More later…

9:20 p.m.

I wanted to say good night and God bless before it gets any later. Right now I am watching/listening to Criminal Minds now and I think I am going to go lay down on the couch where I have been sleeping for the past three or so nights — this weekend watching TV. It has been a very good day for the most part … talked to a friend of mine this afternoon when he called – BW – who lost his mother on December 22, 2010 of a heart attack. BW told me the story of what happened that day and … not going to atell the story because it is very sad indeed. I will say this one thing, though … BW’s mother had fallen and he heard the commotion of the fall and asked if she was okay but there was no answer. My heart felt real achy hearing the story and after the story, we talked about other things as well but my mind and heart kept going back to his family and wondering how they were all doing as I wanted him to talk about himself for the time being … to express himself as he grieved. Anyway, my afternoon and evening was great and now – the weekend almost over – will begin a new week … not too busy but back on my regular shower schedule tomorrow – YAY!

Good night and God bless! I am glad Christmas is OVER! No more fussing! YES!

Harry Potter Update

I am, no longer, not in chapter 6. I am further along now as I have been reading the book off and on throughout the day while watching TV and being online playing games. Yes, I have been watching Criminal Minds all day for the most part but as of 9:30 p.m., I have decided to head off to bed for the night. It has been a good day! More tomorrow for sure after my scheduled shower.

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