What Can I Say About Today?

Neighbor Issues With Someone I Love Dearly?

I do not know what is wrong with NMS anymore but I do have to admit that she is NOT the same person I met almost 13 years ago…(I moved into TM April 1998)…so to be precise, it has yet not been 13 years just yet, but close enough, I guess. Anyway, I went to the office to pay my rent and two tenants were already there talking, and one of them had been expressing her thoughts about her downstairs neighbor directly behind her. I put my thought into the conversation and said that ever since NMS’s niece had lost her job – fired – NMS has not been the same person I know when I first moved into the building so the tenant knew that her action of talking about NMS was justified. I have heard of NMS complaining about her upstair neighbor the first time when a tenant had moved in and later moved out breaking her lease under a doctor’s note because of the problems she was having with NMS, and then a new tenant had moved in and got two kittens, and NMS’s complaining began again making the tenant move into another apartment next door to her previous apartment. Now, the tenant in the office was having troubles with NMS complaining about noises that can not be helped. Anyway…

I have been thinking about it ALL day long about my relationship with NMS and lately I have been very uncomfortable with NMS living here in TM because her attitude has been the same since her niece has been fired and had to leave … leaving the state actually … and even her niece and I had something uncomfortable happen … I did not sign a petition for legality and law purposes, and her niece got VERY UPSET over it and has held it over my head for many months – still holding it over my head this day. I think that NMS is very about about what happened to her niece so she has been acting strangely causing many tenants to get upset and talking to the manager about their unresolved issues with NMS. I feel, as well, that NMS and I have unresolved issues that will never get resolved because of NMS’s denial issues. So…

Today I have been any emotional young woman – if 40 years of age is still young, lol – about NMS an what has been happening with our relationship in the past five years or so. I rarely call her anymore these days but do on occasion. Even at times, in the public areas of TM, and I do not go inside her apartment much anymore either, I have noticed her attitude or demeanor around me as if she is afraid of me. She never invites me to her apartment anymore to watch religious TV shows of the Seventh-day Adventistism. I have been very hurt for a long time – a few years. So…

Once again I am dissolving my relationship with NMS with sadness. I did call her last night and asked her about a church member who passed away this past Thursday from pancreatic cancer this church member did not know she had until it was too late…she died.

The Rest of My Day

I had paid my rent, had supper, and watched TV all day. LB came to do my DLS and I ran an errand to the clinic around the corner of my apartment building to get my monthly labs for my kidney transplant done for the month, wait for a phone call from my coordinator and med delivery, and took it easy the rest of the day.

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