My Sunday

What can I say about it being My Sunday? It has been a very nice day for me, that’s for sure. I got my dishes done, the counters cleaned up, things off the floor, clothes in the laundry and in their respectable places, Bing’s toy house put away, Bing’s sleeping house put up, the kitchen table cleaned up, and the computer desk cleaned up, my CPAP put back into my bedroom, and TV tray table put away. I was told that we are having in-house inspections on Tuesday starting at 9 am but after speaking to a friend of mine on the phone tonight, I am not sure if all the apartments are going to be inspected after all. We shall see for sure come Tuesday morning. Anyway, the apartment building has been abuzz with tenants coming and going cleaning their apartments for the inspections. I did not do my chores in one swoop or anything but I do have to say that everything was done by 1 pm this afternoon.

A Quiet Cell Phone Today

No texting was done today. JSL had a break from texting and so did I. It was a quiet day with the phone all day long. I made only one call on my cell earlier this evening talking to a friend of mine who had lent me the Harry Potter movies this weekend. Otherwise my phone has been quiet all day long – one text did come in from my friend JCP from outside Dodgeville, Wisconsin. I am waiting for my mom to call me yet tonight but not sure if she will call tonight yet or not. It is still only 6 pm CST. I am glad to have had a break from my cell for the most part today but I do love to text and chat on the phone. KH just rang but I did not answer the phone. Not in the mood … waiting for my mom to call.

My mom did call at 6:15 pm CST and we talked for ten minutes. This was my mom’s 1st full week back to work since the holiday break and she was telling me how her week went and how Friday turned out for her before the weekend finally arrived. She is a teacher in Carlsbad, New Mexico school system of the middle school age kids.

Harry Potter 1 – 3

I am watching the 1st three Harry Potter movies today.

The Rest of My Evening

I am not sure what the rest of the evening is going to consist of at the moment – a little bit before 7 pm. The evening is upon me now and my world is fine. My mom called a bit ago so I did get on the phone for this evening. I did not answer the phone when KH called, though.

The Feeling

I do not have the feeling of dread, but I do have a feeling I can not shake off entirely as if the feeling is eating me alive. For a while now I have had the feeling that being friends with KH outside of her helping me with my showers Mondays, Wednesdays. and Fridays, has been a mistake. Mixing work with pleasure is not good. It is not healthy. I am beginning to see things that are not healthy about my friendship with KH now and so I am going to have to pray about it and put the situation into God’s hands from now on.


There are changes being made in my world this year … beginning this month. I qualified for CIP funding in my state, city, so I will be extra help and get more hours through IDS. I will have a new DLS worker working with me instead of LB starting in February but she will be trained starting January 11th, Tuesday. Starting Thursday, J the DLS worker and MM my caseworker at IDS will be helping me with meal preparations and maybe go grocery shopping as well, too.

Good Night & God Bless

Good night and God bless. I will be back tomorrow.

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