An Ordinary Sunday

With the day only being in the early afternoon yet, I do wonder what I can say about today right now. The question: What can I say about today? has come into my mind all evening and throughout the night. Anyway, before answering that question, I would like to share a pending thought that has been bugging me for the past couple of days and it just will not leave me alone yet … as if I am obsessing over it over and over again but I am not actually obsessing over it. Okay, here it goes…

January 13, 2011 Entry – My Suspicions Were Correct Cont’d

Ever since I was told about what happened between LG and KM and I told LG my feelings about KM after what I was told the other day, I have found myself not overly excited about opening my door to say hello to KM. Knowing that KM cleans the apartment building hallways, community bathrooms, laundry room, community room, and lobby whenever I hear the vacuum cleaner or hearing her voice, the idea of opening my door to say hello to her several times has definitely crossed my mind so there was no suspicion in her mind that I even know what LG has said but knowing in my heart KM already knows I know because I always talk to LG. LG is my neighbor and friend who I trust very much so and she has taken care of Bing Crosby the cat for me So I have not had the want to open my door to say hello to KM for a long time now because I have no need or want to get into her business. Ever since she has been back, I have not had gotten a phone call, she has come to my apartment only once to visit me and Bing for a short time, has not given me her telephone number she now has since she moved back to Janesville. I told myself that I did not need to have her phone number anyway because if I want to see her or talk to her, she is down the hall at the other end of the building – next door to LG – or I can always open my door to wave at her saying my hello to her that way. The question that has come into my mind the past couple of days, since January 13th, Why does KM’s attitude bother me so much? That question does not have an easy answer but I do, at least have an answer and maybe someone else can make heads and tails of this thought of mine. I will not guarantee any promise of my thought process making any sense at the moment, either… My answer to my question is this: The reason why KM’s attitude bothers me so much is because of the fact that she has hurt my friend LG, KM has not really come by for a visit but that one time, and I have noticed that KM has been secretive lately. I just no longer, as my suspicions were confirmed, feel comfortable around KM any longer.

My Sunday Afternoon and Evening – The Rest of My Day

My Sunday afternoon and evening has been awesome. I took the afternoon and early evening hours to watch Harry Potter movies 4 and 5. I did some reading of Harry Potter: The Prisoner of Azkaban and realized that I am halfway through the 3rd story as of today. I made plans for Monday afternoon after my morning shower around 930 am. Anyway, today was a relaxing day for me.

What Can I Say About Today?

To answer the question from the beginning of my entry, my answer to What I can say about today? is this: Today was a very good day for me. From watching movies, reading, watching recorded TV programming on my DVR box, journaling, and playing games on facebook throughout the day has been worth my Sunday. I did have company over for a short time this evening because I had asked a neighbor if she had any margarine I could use for my supper tonight so I saw CKR for a while. After she came and chatted with me for a while, she lefI am t me alone again, leaving me to own devices for the rest of the evening and night.. KH called me to let me know that she will be here to help me with my shower around 930 am. I called my mom in New Mexico and talked to her for a while. Today was a very good day all day long.

I am going to head to bed for the night shortly so I will say good night and God bless.

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