The IDS Outing … Had Fun!

IDS’s outing was a “dinner and movie” today. We went to OCB (Old Country Buffet) for lunch. The movies we were able to choose from were: The Green Hornet, The Dilemma, The Roommate. I chose “The Green Hornet” because it was a Marvel Comic character with a sidekick named Kato, and it seemed to have some action involved. I had a good time! I woke up feeling better from not feeling very good for almost a week now, and was able to eat some fruit and a couple of bites of potato salad — too creamy of course — and was able to eat half of a bread stick and a chicken leg without feeling like I was going to cough it up and feeling like it was coming back up on me. I even ordered a small popcorn and drank my Gatorade while I was able to watch the movie. The popcorn tasted so good warm and full of butter. I did not add any seasoning this time for fear of the popcorn backing up in my system. The movie was awesome and I enjoyed it. Now i have to get rid of the pulled muscle on the left side of my lower back. It hurts a little so I was able to sit in a regular chair in the back of the room. behind the regular movie seats comfortably and did have to shit several times to get comfortable when my pulled muscle was playing games with me but I never shut my eyes or miss any of the movie. I dared not to. It was that good of a movie with action packed parts that were amazing. As I got out of the movie, I had learned from others who were on the outing as well, that the movie they saw was not as good as the movie I went to see.

I got home around 330 pm or so and felt pretty tired. I am looking forward to my doctor’s appointment tomorrow.

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