6 AM

I had awakened a couple of times during the night and one of the times I had awakened was at 4 a.m.. I was seriously thinking of getting up at at the hour but decided not to and go back to sleep for awhile … waking up at 6 am and finally getting up for the day and begin my day early. I am getting my sleep time back and … getting up early. Yay!

No Plans This Weekend

I have no major plans this weekend … except to visit the community room to see if there is a card game going on … maybe. Otherwise I am going to stay close to home and work on my journals and get caught up again … like I did here this week. With it being Saturday now, I have been watching a program on Nick called House of Anubis. It is an awesome show and I am catching up on the shows I missed last week due to sleeping a lot and recovering from my illness I had the weekend of the 11th – 14th. When I was not feeling very well I did not do a lot of anything such as Facebook stuff, texting friends and family, and watching recorded TV shows, or any reading. I had finally finished reading the 4th installment of Harry Potter and began reading the 5th installment of Harry Potter yesterday afternoon when J left after grocery shopping and meal preparation for the week. Now I have the weekend. CKR will be here around 5 pm to visit for awhile, though. No major plans this weekend, though. More later….

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